• “Man Of The Hour” Gift Box

    Sold By: The Gift Curator

    This Gift Box is perfect for Father’s Day!
    It contains a charcoal infused body sponge, all-natural soap bar in polka dot wrap, body lotion, and after-shave spray.

    Make the man in your life feel special with this freshly crafted gift box.

  • Cologne/Perfume Oil Soaps

    Sold By: Designer Scents

    These are amazing ultra lathering, cleansing perfume infused soap bars. Your favorite fragrances are now available in bars of soap. These are great for layering or to have that close skin sillage. Size is 6.5oz.

    JM $2,500.00 JM $3,000.00
    Sold By: Designer Scents

    Cologne/Perfume Oil Soaps

    JM $2,500.00 JM $3,000.00
  • Designer Inspired Perfume Oils (10ml)

    Sold By: Designer Scents


    Designer Scents oils are inspired by the best selling designer and niche perfumes; finely crafted down to the last detail, just like a flower.

    Formulated to provide an excellent scent that lasts all day long.

    Our fragrance oils are so satisfying, even for the sophisticated and hard to please ladies and gents. An amazing gift that strikes you immediately!

  • Honey Garlic Antibacterial Soap

    Our garlic soap is loaded with amazing moisturizing and antibacterial properties that are great for treating acne and fungus that may be on skin. Its also a favourite of the ladies for itching due to yeast infections.

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